ARMA are the mechanized anthropomorphic fighting machines created by human corporations, but based on the inter-dimensional technology provided from Dr. Kizaki's world. Arguably, the most advanced ARMA are those belonging to KATO-KIKAN. There are also specialized ARMA piloted by the Brigade Captains of KATO-KIKAN. However, the standard Arma is outclassed by the new Jinrai units manufactured by Kiriyama Heavy Industries.

Image Model Name Pilot
Arma Idaten
Idaten Takuro Sawatari
A close combat version of the standard ARMA unit, which uses a polearm and a rifle for fighting. PIloted by KATO-KIKAN 4th Division Captain, Sawatari Takurou.
Arma Kagutsuchi
Kagutsuchi Dimitri Magarov
A heavily armoured ARMA customized for long-range artillery support, with heavy cannon and shoulder mounted missile launchers. Piloted by 3rd Division Captain, Magarov.


Yurianne Faithful
An ARMA customized for close combat, high speed, and mobility. Uses a halberd and a pair of chainsaws. Piloted by 7th Division Captain, Yurianne Faithful.