# Title Original Air Date
01 "Boy and Iron" October 3, 2008
Kouichi Hayase is a high school student who is often bullied at school, but dreams of one day becoming a hero. After being bullied into buying stuff for his schoolmates, he decides to take a shortcut through a forest, which is when a giant object falls on him. After regaining consciousness, he sees a giant robot in front him and a naked girl lying beside him. He covers her with his jacket, and after waking, she is revealed to have partial amnesia and goes with him to his house. Soon after, other giant robots begins to attack the town. The girl tells Kouichi that they are enemies, and goes into town with the intent of fighting them. Following her, Kouichi encounters his friend, Hideaki Yajima, who plans to use himself as bait in order for the two to get away. After Kouichi reveals his frustration in not being able to do anything, the girl reveals her name, Emi Kizaki, and has him summon a giant robot (Machina) called Linebarrel. Though he defeats the enemies with his newfound power, he is shocked when Emi tells him that he is dead.
02 "Runaway Justice" October 10, 2008
At an unknown location, the Kato-Kitan Corps, which belongs to an organization bent on capturing the Machina Linebarrel, and JUDA, which is publicly known for being the world's largest medical equipment maker, are engaged in a heated battle. With JUDA's forces being overpowered, they ask for reinforcements, which comes in the form of another Machina called Vardant and its pilot, Reiji Moritsugu. As he handles the enemy, the other members of JUDA are discussing the recent actions of their enemy, the Katou Organization. Meanwhile, Kouichi's family welcomes Emi into their household, and Kouichi shows his newfound abilities and confidence at school by beating those who bullied him. Later, Kouichi expresses his gratitude to Emi for having killed him, giving him a new life, after which the Kato-Kitan begins a new attack to lure out the Linebarrel. Kouichi is thrown into battle once again, and two of JUDA's Machinas are also in the fray in an effort to stop the enemy as well. Kouichi, however, declares that he is the only real "justice", and goes on to fight both sides, not realizing the collateral damage he is causing. After the Machinas retreat and Kouichi declares his job done, Emi and Yajima are stunned to see his actions and the damage he has caused.
03 "Blue Terror" October 17, 2008
After failing twice to deal with Kouichi, JUDA sends their best pilot, Reiji Moritsugu, to the task. Meanwhile, Kouichi's friend, Hideaki Yajima, is getting even more worried about his arrogant and aggressive behavior.
04 "The Price of Justice" October 24, 2008
05 "Guidepost to Tomorrow" October 31, 2008
06 "Joyful Night" November 7, 2008
07 "Disaster After School" November 14, 2008
08 "Prankish Devils" Novemebr 21, 2008
09 "BLACK CHAMBER" November 28, 2008
10 "OVER DRIVE" December 5, 2008
11 "SUPER NOVA" December 12, 2008
12 "From the Tropics with Love" December 19, 2008
13 "Dark Executioner" December 26, 2008
14 "Blood Spilt, Tears Lost" January 9, 2009
15 "Vector" January 16, 2009
16 "Judgement at Dusk" January 23, 2009
17 "The Mechanical Curse" January 30, 2009
18 "Memento Mori" February 6, 2009
19 "The Reaching Sun, The Raging Shadow" February 13, 2009
20 "The Man of Destiny" February 20, 2009
21 "Wings of Madness" February 27, 2009
22 "He Who Eats Demons" March 6, 2009
23 "How You Die Decides How You Live" March 13, 2009
The enemy invasion has begun and it is up to Kouichi and his team to defend the Earth.
24 "Steel Flowers" March 20, 2009