Name Pilot
LINEBARREL Kouichi Hayase/ Emi Kizaki

It is called a Machina Killer. The most special Machina that Dr.Kizaki ever created. The Linebarrel possesses the highest regneration rate out of all the machinas, and can transition into a mode-B, in which teleporting short distances while the pilot controls it become possible. Its armament includes two massive katanas holstered in wrist-mounted sheaths, and a beam-saber device named the Executor, housed in a compartment on the tail of the robot, whose sheer power is so great it can generate immense, bright green bursts of energy, kilometers in length.

Vardant Reiji Moritsugu
Vardant is a close combat Machina.
Deceive Izuna Endo and Shizuna Endo
A huge, two-seater mecha, Deceive does not engage in direct combat, preferring instead to subvert or incapacitate its foes. It's primary weapon is the Nerve Cracker, which works by inflitrating the sensory inputs of enemy machines and their pilots, and having them experience hideous fates and witness horrifying images. The male twin Izuna is responsible for the images the targets see through Nerve Cracker and for operating communications and sensors, while his sister Shizuna takes care of piloting and other functions.
PainKiller Miu Kujou
Base defense Machina.
Hind-Kind Satoru Yamashita
Long-range combat Machina
Talisman Sobi Nakajima

Talisman is armed with the unique weapon Tale of Kingdom, which has multiple configurations, and

can function as either a shock lance, delivering bolts of electricity on contact, an electric cannon, or a shield.

Glen-Neidr/Naked Masaki Sugawara
Pretender Eiji Kiriyama

The pretender is an arma capable of transforming into a flight mode resembling a fighter-jet. The pretender

houses a surprising amount of missiles at its disposal, and is equipped with wire Nerve-Crack needles similar to

those found on the decieve, but without the need for cords. The pretender is also armed with a dagger type melee

weapon for close combat.

Apparition Yajima Hideaki


(manga only)

Kunio Ishigami