A very polite, quiet and well-endowed beauty, Miu (nicknamed Miu-Miu) acts as the gentle, sister-like figure of the Special Task Force of JUDA, working as a defensive support with her Machina, Painkiller. In the animated series she joined JUDA after losing both her parents in a car accident, though no further background is provided for her. She was one of the few to support Kouichi Hayase at any given time, and developed a huge crush for him, though always surpassed by Emi Kizaki or Risako Niiyama. She almost killed herself in a desperate attempt to provide cover for Kouichi, showing how far she was willing to go for his well-being. Her manga counterpart is, on the other side, far more grim and almost mentally unstable: this Miu is presented as part of a trio of Japanese idols and, while still quiet and gentle, she is also very insecure due to constant harrassment and bullying, so much in fact that she tried suicide as an escape way. She still developed feelings for Kouichi after the latter saved her life and showed sincere care for her. Another huge difference is that, while in the anime she prioritized the welfare of others, her manga incarnation is far more aggressive and ruthless while fighting, albeit still maintaining a very calm stance.
Miu's Machina is the pink, mid-to-long range support mech PainKiller, equipped with throwing knives and two beam rifles on each arm. Despite its considerable arsenal, Painkiller completely lacks close combat power, and its armament is also easily outclassed by most of the other Machinas. Its manga version, however, is dramatically different as it is Miu herself: with its armor being only an outer casing, PainKiller has an intimidating, jet-black and slender figure, armed with a huge chain-sword. Also, apparently it has control over mechanical beasts loosely based on ferocious animals.